Jungle Theme

Water Kindgom


Customised Furniture

Process We Follow for the Customised Furniture

  • 1. Contact us and discuss the theme and product required
  • 2. We provide you with design options
  • 3. You select a product within the options provided, we discuss the dimentions and other details and provide you with the tentative costing.
  • 4. You will be provided with photos at every step of the process and be involved in the entire process.
  • 5. Product will be delivered minimum 15 days from the day of finalizing the dimensions and other details (Step 3)

About Chitram

Chitram is a unique enterprise wherein furniture is crafted primarily to cater to the needs of children. the idea behind chitram is to create nature inspired furniture. Children will be enveloped in an activity zone mimicking nature and this will stimulate their imagination. Pieces of art are crafted with love at Chitram and are unique, creative, trendy, modern, ergonomic and fascinating in every way. Childrens inquisitiveness for nature and surroundings combined with our innovative and creative flair led to the evolution of Chitram. We create happy spaces for these tiny tots.